Getting Started

A quick guide to DeFi on Sui

Setup Wallet

Before you can conduct transactions and store your digital assets and tokens, you must establish a wallet. There are various wallets that can be set up to use in the Sui ecosystem, the commonly used wallets currently are Sui Wallet, Martian Wallet and Suiet.

SUI Tokens for Sui

As on any other blockchain, you will need the native token to pay for transactions. On Sui, the native token is SUI. It is important to always keep some SUI in your wallet.

Using The Platform

Wisp Swap is a decentralized exchange that allows for the trading of any token on Sui. When you access the platform, a prompt will appear asking you to confirm the link between Wisp Swap and your wallet, which is a standard and secure process. After confirming, you can take advantage of the platform's features such as trading, staking, farming, pooling, and lending. Trading is the most commonly used feature and it provides a convenient way to swap any token on Sui. All you need to do is give Wisp Swap permission to use your tokens and you can enjoy fast and low-cost transactions.

Need Help?

Come visit us in our Discord, our admins are always happy to help.