1st Quarter

  • Official Website Launch
  • Community Zealy Program
  • Partnership Announcements
  • Alpha Release of Devnet/Testnet App featuring Swapping and Liquidity Provision
  • Zap feature
  • Integration with major wallet projects on Sui
  • Alpha Release of Wisp-Prediction v0.1, the first Decentralized Prediction Market on Sui

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

  • veWISP development
  • Alpha release of wispSUI and Liquid Staking Tokens Liquidity Hub on Sui testnet
  • Onboard LST protocols to wispSUI LST basket
  • Partner up with Lending/Borrowing protocol to enable wispSUI as collateral in borrowing
  • Release of Yield Farming v1 (CPMM) on Sui testnet
  • UI/UX Upgrades
  • Release of Wisp-Prediction v0.2 featuring real-world events prediction on Sui testnet
  • Integration of Wisp-Prediction into other dApps on Sui ecosystem

4th Quarter

  • WispSwap DEX goes Mainnet
  • $WISP Token Launch
  • Leverage Trading in WispSwap DEX and Wisp-Prediction
  • Asymmetric Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker (A-CLMM)
  • Release Wisp-Prediction on BSC and Polygon network, in collaboration with PRDT
  • Partnership with Yield Aggregators
  • Platform Performance Upgrades
  • No-loss Protocol