Basket composition

Basket Target Weight Calculation

Consider a basket comprising 3 LSTs: aSUI, bSUI and cSUI

Target weight for each LST is determined as follows:

  • wa=TotalStakedSUIaβˆ—Ξ±aw_a = TotalStakedSUI_a *\alpha_a

  • wb=TotalStakedSUIbβˆ—Ξ±bw_b = TotalStakedSUI_b *\alpha_b

  • wc=TotalStakedSUIcβˆ—Ξ±cw_c = TotalStakedSUI_c *\alpha_c


  • wiw_i: Target weight of LSTiLST_i

  • TotalStakedSUIiTotalStakedSUI_i: Total amount of SUI backing LSTiLST_i protocol

  • Ξ±i\alpha_i: Risk Coefficient of LSTiLST_i protocol (subject to governance voting)

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