❔General FAQ

Q1. Who are we?

Wisp Swap aims to be a leading AMM DEX that solves the liquidity problem on Sui. The first permissionless protocol for prediction markets built on Sui.

Q2. What is our mission?

WispSwap is trustless, permissionless, and borderless. Our mission is to democratize access to global yields through our offerings to anyone, anywhere.

Q3. Why do we exist?

Problem 1: Limited liquidity sources

Problem 2: Difficulty in bootstrapping liquidity and depth of market for new assets

Problem 3: Community-oriented features and empower the native token

Wisp Swap is built to solve all of the above.

Q4. What are we building?

We’re building a protocol that enables a liquidity source with capital-efficient liquidity pools which earns fees for liquidity providers on Sui. A first prediction market protocol with built-in reward mechanisms on Sui. In essence, we’re delivering DeFi as it was meant to be.

What are some of WispSwap’s unique features?

1. The protocol is powered by a DAO

2. Capital-efficient liquidity pools

3. Decentralized Binary Prediction Market

Q5. How do bull/bear markets affect WispSwap?

We're built independently of market conditions.

The market opportunity remains large and derivatives benefit from bear, bull and volatile markets.

Q6. Are we like 'x', 'y' or 'z' competitors?

Each DEX has their own uniqueness, with positives and negatives. We aim for built-in liquidity incentives and decentralization. The level of gamification built into the platform will also be different from what has been done before.

Q7. Tokenomics?

We'll have a staking pool to lock tokens, and that will be the gateway to discounted trading fees, governance participation, and other rewards. More information is coming soon.

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