🀜Farm Boosting

Utilizing the Farm Boosting plugin, users have the ability to allocate their veWISP to a corresponding spNFT, thus resulting in the generation of supplementary yield.

The yield boost multiplier varies depending on the staking position's wrapped LP and typically defaults to the value of x2.

The value is calculated for each position based on the following components:

  • The position's LP amount

  • The total staked LP amount across all positions and users

  • The position's allocated veWISP amount

  • The total allocated veWISP across all of the positions with the same LP

  • The LP max boost multiplier (can't exceed x2.5)

The formula is

FarmBoostingMultiplier=(userLPβˆ—totalAllocationβˆ—maxBoostMultiplier)totalLPβˆ—userAllocationFarm Boosting Multiplier = \frac{(userLP * totalAllocation * maxBoostMultiplier)}{totalLP * userAllocation}

veWISP can be withdrawn from the Farm Boosting plugin at any time without any conditions or restrictions.

It is important to note that a deallocation fee of 0.5% is applicable.


Detaching veWISP from the Dividends plugin can be done at any time without any conditions. However, a fee of 0.5% is charged.

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