Token Swap

A decentralized exchange, or DEX, is a platform where you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another. The Sui blockchain has a wide variety of digital currencies available, and by using Wisp Swap's DEX, you can easily discover and trade them with just a single click.
In order to trade SUI, WISP, stablecoins, or other digital currency tokens, you can use the Swap panel on the Trade page to select the two tokens you want to exchange.
All prices fictional. Screenshots taken from testnet.
To trade a token on a decentralized exchange, there must be an adequate supply and demand for it, which is referred to as liquidity. This liquidity is provided by individuals or entities called liquidity providers (LPs) who deposit their tokens in pools. In return, they receive LP tokens, which can also be staked to earn WISP tokens through a process called "farming".
When you make a token exchange on the exchange, a trading fee of 0.25% will be charged.