⚑Yield farming

While staked positions under the form of spNFTs has a wide range of use, one of their main initial purposes will be to replace classic yield farming mechanisms by receiving WispSwap incentives.

Yield-bearing NFTs

From the perspective of a user, the spNFT mechanism shares several similarities with conventional DeFi farms.

However, unlike regular farms that allocate rewards to staked assets, the WispSwap's Master contract offers incentives to all veWISP holder-voted wrapped LP staking positions.

It is important to note that not all staking positions are eligible for WispSwap yield incentives, only the selected assets..

Once a staked position's LP is part of the listed pairs, the spNFT generates yield with rewards from the Master, simulating staking in a conventional farm.


WispSwap offers dual-rewards in the form of WISP and veWISP for eligible wrapped WispSwap LPs, which are received by the corresponding staked positions.

The share of rewards in the total amount varies depending on the asset, with a default allocation of 80% veWISP and 20% WISP.

Yield multipliers

To enhance the returns from yield-generating staked positions, users can leverage two methods: locks and the Farm Boosting plugin.

The values of these methods vary based on the staked asset, ranging from 0% to 150% (x1 to x2.5) but are typically set to the default of 100% (x2).

The total multiplier of a position is calculated by adding these two multipliers, with each pool having its maximum boost, capped at 200% (x3) by default and an absolute cap of 250% (x3.5).

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