❔Wisp-Prediction FAQ

General Questions

What is the calculation method for determining the payout?

  • Payout Ratio for UP Pool = Total Value of both UP and DOWN Pools Γ· Value of UP Pool

  • Payout Ratio for DOWN Pool = Total Value of both UP and DOWN Pools Γ· Value of DOWN Pool

For instance, if the UP pool has 20 SUI in a round with the overall prize pool is 100 SUI, the UP payout ratio will be (100/20)=5x.

  • Payout Amount = Payout Ratio Γ— Position Γ— (1 - Prediction Treasury Fee)

The Prediction Treasury Fee is currently set at 3%. However, it is important to note that this percentage is subject to change, which will be communicated through official communication channels of WispSwap.

In the scenario mentioned earlier, if the round concludes with a UP result and a commitment of 8 SUI is made to a UP position, the payout would be (8*5) Γ— (1-0.03) = 38.8 SUI. The profit would be 20.8 SUI (38.8 - 8).

What are Wisp-Prediction fees?

3% of the total pot in each round is allocated to the Prediction Treasury. The collected treasury fees serves two primary purposes:

  • Buy back and burn WISP tokens every Sunday. This process helps to reduce the circulating supply of WISP tokens, increasing their scarcity, and potentially leading to an increase in their value.

  • Allocate to Weekly Jackpots, which are awarded to lucky and active users. This helps to incentivize user engagement and participation on the platform, while also potentially rewarding users for their loyalty and activity on the WispSwap DEX. The allocation of treasury fees to Jackpots demonstrates WispSwap's commitment to creating a vibrant and rewarding community of users on the platform.

What are Wisp-Prediction sources for price feed?

WispSwap uses two sources for our price feeds. They each have their own purpose within the prediction market:

Switchboard Price Oracle

  • Used for the Lock price and End price of each round of Wisp-Prediction. This updates in intervals of 20 seconds.

  • Our smart contract uses the Switchboard Oracle price feed to set the prices that determine the winning positions of users.

  • Used for the "Switchboard" chart on the interface.


  • Used for real-time price updates on the Wisp-Prediction interface.

  • Used for the "TradingView" chart on the interface.

Due to the use of two different price feeds, there might be a slight variation in real-time price updates between Binance and the Switchboard Oracle. However, this difference should not be significant enough to cause any major discrepancies.

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