Dividends Pool

The majority of the protocol earnings are redistributed to users who allocate veWISP to the Dividends Pool.
This distribution of dividends can be in the form of one or more tokens and is ongoing on a reward-per-second basis through weekly epochs.


The distribution process operates on a weekly epoch, whereby a fixed portion of the owner-defined accumulated tokens is marked to be distributed every week, and this process repeats every seven days.

Handling of payouts

Payouts handling involves distributing the tokens evenly over the epoch's duration and allocating them on a per-second basis to each user with an veWISP allocation on the Dividends plugin. The allocation is done in proportion to their share of the total allocation.
To put it simply, let's consider these values:
  • 1,000,000 veWISP allocated to the Dividends plugin
  • 100,000 USDC distributed daily
If a user has allocated 20,000 veWISP to the plug-in, they own 2% of the total allocation and will receive 2% of the daily rewards, which is 2,000 USDC.
Since dividends are distributed continuously, users do not have to wait until the end of the epoch to collect them.


Detaching veWISP from the Dividends plugin can be done at any time without any conditions. However, a fee of 0.5% is charged.
Last modified 2mo ago