WispSwap whitepaper

Cross-chain Prediction Protocol

RTGS-type System

RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) is a payment system used for immediate settlement of large-value transactions. Transactions are processed in realtime, reducing counterparty risk and increasing efficiency. Our team has designed a RTGS-type system to enable users to participate in prediction markets across various chains. When a user submits a prediction position in another L1 blockchain, a message containing information on the positions will be transmitted to the staging pool in Sui. These cross-chain prediction messages will then be combined with Sui prediction information on this staging area, enabling the platform to pre-calculate the payout amount and display accurate data to users. After each round, prefunding liquidity pools on different L1s are utilized to distribute winning rewards to cross-chain winners. At specified intervals, the contracts on the other chains transfer real tokens to these prefunding liquidity pools through our bridge infrastructure, guaranteeing that these poolshave sufficient token amounts and ensuring that users receive their payouts in a timely and accurate manner


Our Cross-chain prediction protocol provides two significant benefits.
  • First, by aggregating liquidity from multiple chains, we are able to balance both sides of the binary prediction game and create a more efficient market. The greater the liquidity we can gather, the more opportunities there are for users to engage in prediction markets with fair and accurate pricing.
  • Second, this approach facilitates the flow of funds not only to Sui but also to other chains, thereby strengthening the overall ecosystem. By encouraging crosschain liquidity, we can create a more interconnected and robust prediction market that benefits all participants.